We are based in Singapore, often referred to as the Lion City which the world’s only island city-state. It is a global e-commerce, finance and transport hub. It’s the most “technology-ready” nation, top International-meetings city with “best investment potential”, second-most competitive country, third-largest foreign exchange market, third-largest financial centre, third-largest oil refining and trading centre, and the second-busiest container port. The country has also been identified as a tax haven.

Established in 2008, we have expanded our capabilities to become a fully equipped engineering, sourcing and project management team with presence in Asia, and have since worked with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to successfully launch and develop fantastic products


  1. 6,000 cups of coffee and tea and counting – Yes we know that’s a lot of caffeine. But hey there’s no other better way to discuss some new ideas with a cuppa.
  1. 10,000 hours spent on brainstorming creative processes and counting – That’s a lot of brainstorming we know. But so they say 2 heads are better than one. The more the merrier. We believe in cross-selling, networking and making new friends with people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines in order to come up with the most creative solutions that can marry product and brand
  1. 28,000 km of sports played – Whether it’s running or cycling or a game of basketball, we scour through South East Asia with the team. They say if you keep your body in shape, your business will naturally be in shape. We love the challenge

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Trust us, join us, let us work and develop together.