Traditional Manufacturing vs Consumer To Manufacturing (C2M)

In the traditional manufacturing, typically M2C (Manufacturing to consumer) the brands which exist today still create new products, new design, and then they source these products in factories in china, they put it in the store and consumer buys them. And then it evolves to becoming more customer centric. This involves the consumers trying to understand what they wanted, what the trends were through social media, and the brands created this design and still went into the same sourcing model, the only difference is they put the customers last. And just recently it’s gone to D2C (Direct-To-Consumer) which is practically online where many private labels have sprouted. But now what we hope to drive is C2M (Consumer-To-Manufacturing). The big difference is that they are putting the consumers and the product designers on the same level. And that’s now possible with social media (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok). It’s no long the product designers deciding what the customers want. It’s now customers telling the companies what they want. With this C2M platform that we are building, it connects ecommerce players to the customers and the designers directly to the factories and so they can produce these new trends instantly. And it monitors what the market wants in order to do it faster, better and cheaper.

How can C2M address the current problems/pain points?

The C2M platform creates a healthy competition with existing brands. Where brands mark up significantly high profits and thereby resulting in higher price for the customer. C2M platform will leverage on ODM (original design manufacturing) to open up sourcing and fulfilment capabilities for anyone who wants to have a say on a new product or design. This platform will be able to analyze user behavior, predict demand, update supply chain system and interconnect with 5 main communities:

(1) Product

(2) Marketing

(3) Manufacturing

(4) Distribution

(5) Customers.

What is the biggest impact of C2M on the industry, economy or everyday life?

The biggest impact of this platform is potentially on retailers, landlords, factories, brands and ultimately the consumer electronics industry. The C2M platform will eventually connect across multiple ERP systems to aggregate multiple factories, and this will be real-time, with digital advancement. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) will make faster speed to market. Better quality better packaging.

Start your Journey now

D.LAB C2M Platform is a tool for innovators, product designers, engineers, marketers, manufacturers, shipping companies and distributors everywhere, at every level. We are dedicated to bring your product from ideation to delivery. We want to build partnerships, communities and an ecosystem that helps generate new ideas, new products and empower customers to make decisions on product development, marketing strategies, quality control, and delivery.

We do not need to own factories in today’s digital world. Rather using technology we can leverage and harness the communication with the factories, customers, product designers, engineers, marketers, distributors spinning off working communities who will decide collectively the next big trend. And this will be powered by Industry 4.0, AI, Big Data, IOT making the platform real-time. It’s not just the big brands designing, everyone and anyone can start designing, sharing lifestyles, sharing content. Combine social media and ecommerce, this will be very powerful.

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