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AUDIO LAB specializes in everything Audio from Headphones to TWS earbuds to speakers. We started our D.LAB pioneer business in this category, having manufactured for Canon, Olympia, Asus to name a few. Along the way we have also started our own brand. From a global perspective, the premium market is expected to reach millions. Wireless Audio will set to grow exponentially as more and more people find the convenience in “no wires”. We work with reputable factories in this category – looking at the evolution of audio; namely:


1. Continuing wireless technology improvements and reliability to reduce the amount of cabling and connectivity that is currently required.

2. Lighter, smaller and more powerful components that reduce the costs associated with the storage, shipping and setup time for large audio systems.

3. Cost reductions as new technologies are developed so that the advancements can be put into action on the stages, floors, trusses, and towers of the events of tomorrow.


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HEALTH LAB specializes in everything related to Health from wearable technologies that track personal health to massagers to air purifiers. 

With the rise of consumer technologies, there is an  increasing trend in which individuals are looking to use technology to manage their own health. Wearables including fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and sleep trackers have grown tremendously in popularity. These devices provide patients with the ability to take their own medical-grade vitals at home on any number of devices, and simply upload the biometric data to an app where it can be tracked by the consumer.

We will continue to see new practice models emerge and we can expect routine visits via telehealth to continue. Now, the digital backbone is falling into place for connected medical devices and healthcare IT to connect everything together. Devices and services that enable remote monitoring, remote control, data analytics — technology that enables the delivery of care in diverse settings — will drive the next wave of innovation beyond the needs of the current pandemic.

Providing affordable and effective care is imperative to help solve healthcare’s trillion-dollar problem. Technology has improved our lives in countless ways — it’s time healthcare reaps the reward. Lives, and our economy, depend on it.

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MOBILITY LAB specializes in everything related to Personal Mobility including bicycles, e-bikes, e-skateboards and the future of mobility. The future of surface transport is a much debated topic. Specifically, the current modes and volume of personal mobility are considered environmentally unsustainable, primarily because of greenhouse gas emissions of cars. There have been growing concerns about transport implications for climate change, but also for energy security, social exclusion, and public health and well being.

Mobility is essential in today’s world. Imagine how less exciting life would be if we were not able to simply catch the train to meet friends for dinner or hop into the car to spend some time outdoors over the weekend. Imagine how constricting life would be if excessive commuting limited our work options, not to mention our income, or if supermarkets didn’t offer the variety of fresh food we have got used to. Mobility is a key determinant of economic growth. It is one of the artery systems of our society, creating wealth and adding to the quality of life by providing people access to goods and services, jobs and markets, family and friends.

The personal mobility devices market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period due to technological advancements in devices such as making them portable & easy to access.

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PC LAB specializes in everything related to PC devices and accessories including mouse, keyboards, webcams, ports and other related peripherals.

Computer accessories include external HDDs, gaming accessories, portable speakers, pointing devices, webcams, keyboards, headsets etc. The adoption of process automation in industries as one of the primary growth factors for computer accessories market.

One of the latest trends that will gain traction in the computer accessories market in the coming years is the increased preference for assembling. The business sector segment accounted for the major shares and dominated the computer accessories market.

The use of computer accessories such as hard drives, mice, and keyboards, has increased in corporate offices due to the increased use of these accessories for various business purposes such as e-mailing and posting. 

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GAMING LAB specializes in everything related to Gaming including consoles, gaming keyboards, mouse, headphones and other related peripherals.

Video games have steadily risen in popularity for years. And with people looking for new ways to socialize and stay entertained during the pandemic, the trend has only accelerated. Gaming is now a bigger industry than movies and sports combined.

VR (Virtual Reality), will remain niche, but it could potentially turn into a big niche in time to come. AR (Augmented Reality) on the other hand is taking off faster than VR: People have an appetite for games that interact with reality, not remove them from it.

In recent years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) have taken a more sophisticated approach to gaming NPCs. Many NPCs are now programmed with behaviour trees, which allow them to perform more complex decision-making.

The future of gaming might take place on someone else’s computer. That is to say, in the cloud. No discussion of the future of gaming would be complete without mentioning the metaverse, a theoretical concept that has dazzled many of the world’s foremost tech companies.

And supporting all the gaming enthusiasts will be the hardware. And that’s the game we like to be in.

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HOME LAB specializes in everything related to Home including furniture, fans, vacuum cleaners, home appliances and other related products.

Technology is transforming homes all over the world. In some places, cheap devices are powering and connecting homes long left off the grid. In others, newly automated and networked machines are reinventing convenience—but at what cost to privacy and human connection?

A smart home is a context-aware home. Imagine you are driving home from work. When you are ten minutes away from home, your car GPS detects your location and sends a signal to your smart watch, which communicates with the home thermostat about your body temperature, and your home air conditioners are turned on to adjust the temperature for maximising your comfort. Robots, too, will have a role to play in the smart home of the future. Everything happens in the background as your home understands your needs and makes intelligent decisions accordingly. 

When we’re talking about devices that can unlock our homes from afar, peer into our living rooms using cameras, and collect our most sensitive and personal data, cybersecurity will become all the more vital.

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OFFICE LAB specializes in everything related to Office from furniture to equipment.

COVID-19 disrupted the idea of a “traditional office” work environment. As a semblance of normality starts to return, employers have begun to reconsider the idea of office space. From flexible workplaces to offices with more social spaces, here’s what we can expect for the fluid future of office space.

As we began to fully embrace the reality of full-time remote work, we also began to realize that the future will likely be one characterized by hybrid working arrangements.

The application of new technologies is fundamental in enabling employees to perform their work in the home office as well as they can in the regular office. For example, the ability to share a document live – and to work on it with multiple participants simultaneously – is essential. Another example is using collaboration tools, such as a chat function, to facilitate communication within the organization.

Virtual interaction, in particular, strives for standards so that the corporate culture can be maintained even at a distance and employee trust preserved.

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OUTDOOR LAB specializes in everything related to the great Outdoors.

Technology plays an increasingly influential and important role in outdoor recreation and adventure. The last 10 years, in particular, have seen a virtual explosion of technological developments in the outdoors, ranging from clothes to equipment such as signaling devices and protective gear. There are five areas in which technology has played a significant role in the realm of outdoor and adventure recreation: (1) access and transportation, (2) comfort, safety, (3) communication, and (4) information.

Portable power, and solar panels in particular, have changed the game for overlanders and backcountry explorers, who can now keep their devices changed even when they are hundreds of miles away from the closest electrical outlet.

The main trends that will directly affect the outdoor industry is the becoming of renters instead of buyers, the tracking of any and all products and users, the sharing, collaboration, and connection at a mass scale, and the constant interaction with technology, artificial intelligence, and computers.

The interacting trend has already had a huge impact on society for the past few years, and it will only continue to grow. Many people rely so heavily on using technology to track progress in physical activities, speed and accuracy of movements, and give tips for improvement. The outdoor industry is an obvious market for this emerging technology to be introduced. Soon the technology will be able to read more than heart rate and steps, but actually focus on the physiological actions that the body is undergoing during rigorous activities.

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KIDS & TOYS LAB specializes in everything related to Kids and Toys.

The global smart toys market is expected to be fuelled by rising demand for internet-connected toys (internet of toys) and a growing number of tech-savvy consumers. The toy industry has embraced high-tech innovations that aid in the advancement of children through educational learning methods facilitated by smart toys. The Internet of Toys envisions a world in which toys are not only linked to children but also to each other through wireless communication. Already existing toy companies as well as start-ups are willing to innovate in this field, as it has the potential to become their largest market as the number of customers grows. This may also aid students’ advancement of STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). As a result, the smart toys industry is fueled by the internet of toys, which is likely to shape the contours of the said market.

Furthermore, technical innovation in toys is occurring throughout several industries, with ground breaking benefits for businesses seeking to draw more customers. Consumers, on the other hand, are worried about data security violations and unclear terms and conditions that they must embrace in a bid to unlock or access all of the game’s functionality. These factors are likely to serve as obstacles for the expansion of the global smart toys market in the near future.

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ENERGY LAB specializes in everything related to powerbanks, batteries, solar energy, new energy and related products.

Energy providers are at the heart of delivering the energy transition, and their strategic landscape is being transformed as the global effort to reach net-zero gathers pace.

At the same time, they are facing a second era-defining dynamic: digital transformation is disrupting markets across the economy, destroying old business models as it creates new ones, and reshaping consumer expectations.

Can energy providers survive this period of tumultuous change?

To do so, they must pay close attention to consumers and their changing demands. Now is the moment to redefine what it means to be an energy provider, with an expanded focus on new services and solutions that go far beyond a commodity offering. The energy providers of the future will be low-carbon, digitally powered, and relentlessly customer-focused.

To retain market share and survive over the long term, energy providers must continue to innovate, diversify, and build world-leading customer experiences. To meet evolving consumer demands, energy providers will need a new level of agility and responsiveness. Most say that their business is in the middle of that evolution.

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CABLE LAB specializes in everything related to all types of cables meant for data transfer, charging, audio and video transfer.

USB-C is billed as the solution for all our future cable needs, unifying power, and data delivery with display and audio connectivity. Ushering in an age of the one-size-fits-all cable. Despite the USB-C connector supplied as default in modern smartphones, the standard has, unfortunately, failed to live up to its promises.

USB Power Delivery (PD) has become an almost universal charging standard in both the smartphone and laptop markets. Even phones that rely on proprietary fast charging technology have mostly embraced the technology. Meaning you can now charge most gadgets somewhat quickly with USB-C to USB-C plugs and cables. 

USB PD PSS is a key step for universal fast charging, as its flexible charging voltage is important for maximizing battery charging efficiency. Overall, the industry has been moving in the right direction. USB Power Delivery is gradually solving the fragmentation issue, although proprietary standards remain commonplace in the smartphone market.

The announcement of USB PD PSS, USB 3.2, and USB 4 make the USB-C port more complex without giving the end-user clear information about what’s supported. While the growth in USB Power Delivery support is a good sign, the introduction of PPS has already hampered any hopes that the industry might soon coalesce around a single charging standard. The USB spec changes every year, making it impossible for consumers to keep up.

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ACTION CAM LAB specializes in everything related to all video capturing devices and accessories on the go!

Action cameras are garnering significant popularity these days, witnessing wide preference over a DSLR when it comes to portability and compactness. Various action camera brands are available in the market with dust resistance and waterproof, shockproof, and crushproof features.

The penetration of social media has impacted the market growth exponentially. The COVID-19 outbreak severely affected the action camera industry, causing huge revenue losses and closing several manufacturing facilities worldwide. On the one hand, the coronavirus-driven lockdown broke the production of several key components and materials in the global market.

This further led to action camera manufacturers facing problems ranging from obtaining raw materials to attracting workers from quarantine, witnessing restricted cross-border trade between countries. On the other hand, the lockdown restrictions and work from home mandates increased the sales of action cameras for various fun activities. Resultantly, the action camera market is again gearing up gradually and witnessing various product launches.

The growing use of 360° cameras with VR integration to gain a life-like experience of any event is a key emerging trend in the market. Additionally, augmenting demand for action cameras is projected to grow significantly over the forecast period. Also, various professional and personal applications are expected to boost the action camera market size.

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BAGS AND CASES LAB specializes in everything related to bags and cases.

Travel bags are a type of travel gear that is used by explorers, trekkers, tourists and travelers to carry their clothes and other belongings. Duffel bags, wheeled backpacks, rolling luggage, weekenders, totes, and travel packs are the most common types of travel bags available in the market. The hard-side variants are manufactured using materials such as polypropylene, polycarbonate and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and are suitable for carrying electronic gadgets and fragile products. On the other hand, the durable and light-weight soft-side variants are manufactured using nylon, polyester, cotton, leather and vinyl. These travel bags are available in a variety of sizes, patterns and colors and can be customized according to the consumers’ demands.

The growing tourism industry, along with rapid urbanization across the globe, currently represents as one of the key factors driving the growth of the market. Furthermore, consumers are now more inclined to spend on premium and luxury travel bags to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Various product innovations, such as the launch of visually appealing and creative designs, along with eco-friendly variants, are also creating a positive outlook for the market. Consumers are increasingly adopting luggage and travel bags, which are made using natural and organic fabric dyes, organic canvas, recycled leather and other eco-friendly materials. Other factors, including aggressive promotional activities by brands and the development of the online retailing market that provides a hassle-free shopping experience to the customers while displaying a wide range of options to choose from, are projected to drive the market further.

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CAR ACCESSORY LAB specializes in everything related to vehicle accessories including GPS, Dash camera, Car chargers, In-car entertainment, LED lights, and other devices to spruce up your vehicle.

Interior car accessories are add-ons that enhance the interior aesthetics of the vehicle and give an overall entertaining and comfortable riding experience. A wide range of interior car accessories are available in the market each serving different purposes such as seat covers, steering wheel covers, car stereos, speakers, navigation systems, and car mats among others.

A growth in the global automotive industry and a subsequent rise in the sales of passenger cars and pickup trucks is likely to boost the global market for interior car accessories.

Market Analysis and Insights: Global Interior Car Accessories Market

The global Interior Car Accessories market is valued at USD million in 2019. The market size will reach Multi USD million by the end of 2026, growing at a impressive CAGR during 2021-2026.

The increasing use of Interior Car Accessories In Heavy duty commercial vehicles, Light duty commercial vehicles, Passenger cars, Other vehicles and other industries is driving the growth of the Interior Car Accessories market across the globe.

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DISPLAY LAB specializes in everything related to all types of display panels including LED TVS, LED panels; projects and LED lighting products

Display panel is a component that displays information in form of text, picture, video, and others. It acts as a direct interface in human and machine interaction.

Display panels are used in variety of equipments, such as TV, smartphone, tablets, PCs, and others. Innovations in display technologies are focused on reducing harmful effects on health of end user. The technological advancements in display panel enhance viewing experience, consume less electricity, and dissipate less heat.

The emergence of advanced consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, and smart televisions is expected to drive the market over the next seven years. Moreover, increasing purchasing power across different sections of society has opened up greater avenues for industry growth.

The development of cutting-edge high-resolution display technologies such as OLED and AMOLED in consumer electronic devices has positively affected the industry. However, the adoption of such innovative technologies involves high initial costs resulting in an increase in the cost of the device and may hinder the market growth over the next few years.

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PETS LAB specializes in all pets related products such as automatic food and water dispenser, robot ball, etc.

The increase in number of people owning pets and increased spending on pets is notably driving the pet accessories market growth, although factors such as growing awareness of pet allergies among human beings may impede market growth.

Pet ownership and pet spending witnessed a significant increase in 2017 when compared with data from the last ten years. Owning a pet has become a status symbol due to acculturation. Subsequently, investments by pet owners are not only limited to food and grooming services but include innovative and specialized premium products such as furniture.

Technology innovation and portfolio extension leading to product premiumization is the key trend driving the market growth. The demand for superior-quality products for pets is high. Premium products are also characterized by premium pricing. Consumers are willing to invest heavily in these premium products due to factors like superior quality and durability. These products are targeted at high net-worth pet owners. Pet owners are investing in premium pet products, like pet accessories that are considered a luxury by the mass customers. These include smart pet accessories, which have compelled manufacturers to introduce niche pet products. In the past couple of years, GPS devices have become increasingly popular. GPS devices are an easier way to track lost pets like Loc8tor are easily attached to a pet s collar, and the owner can easily locate the lost pet.

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ROBOT LAB specializes in includes all forms of robotics used at homes, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, and general public.

The growing demand for robotic automation processes is one of the key drivers supporting the consumer robotics market growth. Robotic process automation uses intelligent software to conduct high-volume, repetitive processes that take a long time for humans to complete and are frequently monotonous to perform. Furthermore, as a result of its ability to perform various tasks such as account opening and closing, completing quotation and proposal requests, IT system testing and monitoring, and handling billing and customer service queries. Due to this, robotic process automation is becoming increasingly popular across a variety of businesses verticals.

The government support for robotics is another factor supporting the consumer robotics market growth. . The robotics programs in the most advanced countries appear to have a completely different strategic objective.

Consumer robotics is being used for various domesticated tasks such as pool cleaning, lawn mowing, house cleaning, and other such activities. They are replacing traditional robots, which include vacuum cleaners. They are now being integrated with smart home features and are connected by using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, enabling users to remotely control and monitor the robot’s activity.

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SECURITY LAB specializes in all security related products for both hardware and software. Whether it is a security camera to prevent burglars or smart locks to prevent pick pockets, we have all the tools you need to keep you safe.

The adoption of cloud-based technologies is one of the key drivers supporting the smart home safety market growth. Cloud-based services are used to store images captured by surveillance systems so that they can be used on-demand. They ensure a low cost of ownership and on-demand scalability without any additional cost to homeowners. The smart home cloud center platform can be categorized into three divisions, namely cloud service market, carrier market, and smart IoT gateway. These platforms provide features such as high-speed gaming, mobile app downloads, content transfer across regions, and multiple wireless user interfaces. Hence, smart homes have the potential of having a huge presence with the growth of cloud technology.

Safety and privacy concerns is one of the factors hindering the smart home safety market growth. M2M technology facilitates communication among supply chain players for promoting easier inventory management. An IoT system connects remote machines with systems, machines, and people. However, if the number of interfaces linking the components is increased, the entire system becomes vulnerable to breaches. With the advent of M2M technology, the number of connected devices worldwide has increased expeditiously over the past few years. All Wi-Fi-enabled devices are now operated using cloud technology. While this makes operations simpler, privacy becomes a major concern. With regard to smart homes, individuals focus on the security aspect while adopting any new technology. Public or unauthorized access to cloud information could lead to cyber threats and compromise the integrity of the entire system.

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SMART LAB specialises in all Artificial Intelligence and internet of things related products such as devices that measure human bio data, smart home devices that help improve energy efficiency, help automate home lighting, air conditioning, heater, and improve security for homes and offices through sensors, cameras and related products.

One of the top smart home trends is just how fully integrated smart home tech is becoming. From a pure integration standpoint, more smart home devices are starting to communicate with one another. For instance multiple rooms in your home can be outfitted with Google Home speakers that can function in a group(s) instead of individual units. A Philips Hue lighting system can control the lights in your entire home and can follow specific routines that you create to turn the lights on or off across the household according to your schedule and needs.
Ease of use continues to improve, too. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to set up many smart tech devices. If you have a smartphone, a Wi-Fi connection and an outlet, most people are set to connect a lot of devices—which makes the barrier to entry lower for smart home tech across the board.
The internet of things (essentially taking all the things in the world and connecting them to the internet) is still a more complicated process to understand, but progress made in the smart home world in regards to IoT will have a lot of implications for making life easier, particularly in the smart kitchen and smart bathroom space.
Smart thermostats have been one of the most widely adopted smart home tech devices. They are generally easy to install and can be completely customized to your preferred temperature, as well as your routines, making it easy to adjust the environment in your home from anywhere.

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EDUCATION LAB includes all education related products such as educational software, toys, books and tools to expand the knowledge of people of all ages.

The explosion of technology over the past two decades has not left the education sector behind. Computers and the internet have changed how students can not only access information but even classes themselves. The growth of technological capabilities means that a variety of media and learning-support tools now exist to help students receive a high-quality education through the Internet.

Technology, for example, may not encourage students to learn soft skills. They might not have the built-in opportunities to engage with their fellow students, the way they might in traditional-style classrooms. For example, opportunities for leadership on group projects will not occur as organically as they once did.

Both AR/VR provides an opportunity for trainers to better engage their students through immersive experiences that make learning much more practical, effective, and enjoyable. And considering the growth of both AR and VR industries, it’s no wonder the educational sector will take advantage of both.