Contract Manufacturing - This service includes vetting and selecting the right offshore facilities for your project, making sure they are in compliance on all points, sourcing components, overseeing the tooling and production process, inspecting final quality before shipment, protecting your intellectual property rights, arranging final delivery, and much more. Dezign Laboratories is a leading provider of end-to-end offshore manufacturing setup and consulting. We work with brands from all across the globe to manage their offshore supply chain and ensure that their goods are to the highest quality and delivered on schedule.
Product Development - Dezign Laboratories employs an expert team of product engineers and designers which means that we can not only propose design improvements to your existing product line – improving functionality and minimizing cost to produce – but for clients looking to explore a completely new product concept we can also create the technical specifications and bring your product to life. We specialize in technology product development, the Internet of Things, and Smart devices.
Sourcing and Purchasing - Dezign Laboratories represents hundreds of brands from all around the world, and because of this, we have access to many of today’s best component and material suppliers, and are able to use our collective bargaining power to negotiate for better price and terms on our clients’ behalf. From the cutting edge of technology to more traditional industries our expert sourcing team ensures that you get access to the materials you need to make your project a success.
Project Management - If you are in the very early stages of your project we can assist you in making crucial technical and strategic decisions that will directly affect the success of your endeavour. We are especially good at helping pin-point the right technology and materials to use in your product and can assist in helping you uncover the key areas to devote your time and resources in order to obtain the best results.