14.4V High Capacity Cordless Floor Cleaner GLI001

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We are consolidating orders for this exclusive cordless floor cleaner, and the first 50 customers will get $100 off. Please register your pre-orders and interest by 15th July 2020. Mass production starts next week and stocks is estimated to be ready to be shipped end July 2020.

The multi-talented cordless device makes floor cleaning fun. It not only cleans 20% better than any conventional mop*, but also removes dust, small crumbs and pet hair from all common hard floors. The dirt is picked up by the rotating and automatically wetted cleaning rollers and conveyed directly to the waste water tank.There is no need for scrubbing or dragging buckets around and floors can be walked on again after approximately two minutes. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery with intuitive battery level indicator enables a run time of approximately 60 minutes and therefore thorough cleaning of an area of around 60 m². Once you’re finished simply pour away the dirty water and start the self-cleaning function – done. Cleaning the rollers is just as quick and does not require you to come into contact with dirt.

400 r/min high speed wiping floor

Cleaning brush head rolls at a high speed of 400 r/min, fully touch with the floor, deeply wipe off attached stains on the
ground, clean in high efficiency without leaving spot.

Base tray cleaning mode, say goodbye to hand-washing.

One-click cleaning function mode, easyoperation. Place mop on the base tray and startthe button to be turned on state withoutmanual scrubbing.Dirt is recycled into dirty water tank whichsaving time and worry-free.

Innovative power-off protection

1. Stand upright power off,
2. Full-water power-off,
3. Safe & untroubled.

One-piece removal design of dirty water tank.

1. One-click to take out dirtywater tank, quick and easy.
2. Push sideways to dump the sewage, your hand does not touch the dirt.
3. Push the cover in reverse,deep cleaning is effortless.
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