Petoneer Smart Pet Water Fountain (WF002)

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UV Smart Pet Water Fountain (FSW020)
Petoneer distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Pet Water Fountain Re-Invented

Our Pet Fountain is designed for Pets with Love. Innovative designs in all aspects deliver better care to Pets.

Is the water that your pets drink actually healthy?

Not really, the water in the pets’ water bowl looks clear as crystal, but it actually contains impurities such as sediments, heavy metals, chlorine, odor, hair and dust. With the built-in antirust and anticorrosive silvered probes, the pet fountain can precisely measure the TDS (total dissolved solids) value. The lower the TDS value, the higher the purity of the water. TDS is used as an indicator to determine the general quality of the water. The water quality criteria and standards vary a lot depending on different countries and regions

Unique 3-stage Filtration kills up to 99.7% Bacteria

Compared to the common pets’ fountains, our pet fountain features the unique 3-stage filtration plus UV (Ultra-violet): pre-filtered through a mesh Screens, pushed through activated carbon filter, channeled past ion-exchange-resin filter. It can effectively filter and diminish the hair, impurity, odor, and chlorine. Consequently, the fountain can give cleaner water to pets and reduce the risk of developing illness. The innovatively designed multi-color visual LED reflects water level, water quality and filter usage all in one. The water level and filter usage can be felt intuitively. Monitor and control the fountain from anywhere, anytime, as the pet fountain is born to be cloud-enabled and app-enabled!

Water Refill and Water Filter Alert

After a period of time using, the filter will not work effectively by time and water quality will degrade. The pet fountain’s innovation algorithm will push you messages alerting replace on time according to its watering, the life of the filter, the motor’s running time.


Dimming by Time

The built-in LED Light is designed to dim at night. This will make sure your sleep well at night and will not be interrupted by the fountain’s LED light!

Cleaning is a Breeze!

The wave-breaking design of bucket separated from body make the cleaning job a breeze. When the bucket is lifted, the power will be cut off automatically to avoid electricity leakage by water intrusion.


Ultra-Silent Submersible Pump Design

To reduce noise by the vibrating motor, the DC motor is deployed with customized silicon matt to diminish the noise to a minimum.

You would live more happily with your beloved pets with less disturbance!

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