66 Languages 3″ Touch Screen Translator with Camera (VT06)

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66 Languages 3″ Touch Screen Translator with Camera (VT06)

Quality Technology distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories


【Support 66 languages】Support 66 languages (including more than 200 countries)

【Hi-Fi Speaker】Clear crisp sound reproduction

【Group Translations】Create group with multiple speakers, and choose your language

【Simultaneous Translation】Fully automatic mode, while recording and translating, suitable for activities such as courses and lectures

【Easy 3 buttons control】Simple and easy interface

【3.0 Inch HD Touch screen】Simple and easy interface

【Global Mobile Hotspot】Built-in SIM card, with own network, one-click to open hotspot, you can scan the code in the translation machine.

【AI Photo Translation】Click Photo button and you can easily translate menus, road signs, articles and more.

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