Portable Handheld UV Sterilizer (ATN008)


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Portable Handheld UV Sterilizer (ATN008)

ATYOU Health Technology distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

How UV Sterilization Works

So, how does a UV light wand actually kill germs? The secret is that bacteria and some viruses have DNA, just like we do. Some other viruses have RNA, which is similar enough to DNA that it doesn’t matter for our purposes. DNA and RNA are essential to a functioning creature. They’re also complex molecules, which can be easily broken down by radiation. Zap them with ultraviolet light, and they crumble, killing bacteria and rendering viruses inert.

So, what are the upsides of using a portable handheld UV sanitizer? First off, you don’t have to deal with any water or chemicals. This can be particularly helpful if you have a chemical sensitivity. But it’s also good for everyone’s health. Do you really want to be dealing with toxic chemicals, or leaving residue behind for your kids to touch? Secondly, UV light can kill literally any kind of microorganism. It doesn’t matter if the germ is resistant to drugs or chemicals. If it’s alive, UV light will kill it. It’s like taking a nuclear bomb to germs, without leaving any fallout behind.

Another ancillary benefit of a UV light wand is that it can also be used to detect most bodily fluids. Admittedly, most people aren’t going to use it for this purpose. But if you’re a germophobe and a frequent traveler, it can be used to inspect your hotel room. Shut off the lights and wave your wand over any surface. If you see a glow, give it a few seconds of exposure to kill any germs that may be left behind.

Introducing the Portable UV Sterilizer ATN008 which is a compact, portable sterilizer. It measures 12 cm long and 1.3 cm in diameter in a white plastic case. The front half of the unit consists of a bright UV light, which emits 280nm UVC LED from the latest technology of DUVTEK. This is sufficient for killing almost any virus or bacteria within 10 seconds. In addition to the unit itself, you get a USB charging cable.  It is lightweight at 30 grams and only 1.3cm thick. There is a safety switch to prevent accidental operation.


How it Works

The portable sterilizer is very easy to use. Simply turn it on, then sweep it over anything you want to clean. For best performance, you should hold it over a surface for a full 10 seconds to sterilize it. It works well at a range of 3-4 inches, which gives you a better spread than many UV lights. To save power, the light will automatically shut off in 180 seconds. If you need to use it for longer, just press the power button again. There’s a built-in child lock switch, which must be pressed at the same time as the power button. This ensures that your kids won’t get their hands on the sterilizer and hurt themselves.

The Portable Sterilizer utilizes a built-in 250mAh battery. How long it will last will obviously depend on how often you use it. That said, it will recharge in about 30 minutes via Micro USB. Even with heavy use, you shouldn’t have any issues with batteries.


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