Eye Protective Touch Control LED Lamp with Pen Holder (CY228)

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Eye Protective Touch Control LED Lamp with Pen Holder (CY228)

JOYROOM distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories


This is a 360 lumen LED lamp that is eye-friendly, equipped with a diffuser that is eye-friendly. 20+8 premium LEDs that generates 4000K non-glare and flicker-free light, it is comfortable and safe, so it prevents eye fatigue. Its unique ring design makes a uniform and broader light. This kind of lamp is recommended for studying, working as well as long reading duration. The product comes with three levels of brightness, which is perfect for a night light atmosphere.

Moreover, this LED lamp is right for your kids because it will enable them to fall asleep perfectly well. Therefore, this LED lamp is suitable for babies’ room, living room, bedroom, office as well as a dorm. It is adjustable; hence you can position it in the style you like. Additionally, it is portable; thus you can maneuver with it around easily in the house and while camping or traveling.

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