Child Safe Wired Wings Noise Cancellation Headphones with Microphone (W66)

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Child Safe Wired Wings Noise Cancellation Headphones with Microphone (W66)

EasySMX distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

These Child Safe headphones are the clear winner when it comes to safe headphones for your child.

The ultra-flexible headband and low profile design are just a few of the features that make these volume limiting headphones great for kids.


  • Very durable headband design
  • Volume limiting to from 80 to 95 dB
  • Easy to switch volume limiting on/off
  • Includes microphone for chatting and communication
  • Low profile on-the-ear design
  • Good sound quality for the price


Soft vinyl-covered earpads rest gently on the ear for a comfortable fit.

Additionally, there is a modest adjustable range for the headband.

Recommended ages are for kids 4-12.

A low profile design keeps these headphones from feeling too bulky or making ears too warm.


What would great style be without performance? The Child Safe Headphones offer safe-volume control, with built-in volume regulators, to ensure kids never rock out past 95db. And each pair is still designed with high performance sound standards in mind.


One feature that makes these headphones such a great value is that they are very durable.

The headband is made with a super-flexible rubberized plastic material that can be bent in just about any direction without breaking.

Headband adjustment slides go inside of the upper headband. This makes them very discrete, simple, and easy to use.

Moreover, the audio cable is also reinforced for added durability. The strain relief on both ends of the cable is equally robust.


It does a good job of producing low cost headphones that sound great for the price. These WINGS headphones are no exception.

Sound quality is great for all kinds of kid’s music and movies, and the small earcups and drivers deliver an enjoyable listening experience.

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