360 Rotation AI Face Tracking Mobile Phone Holder (MP360R)

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360 Rotation AI Face Tracking Mobile Phone Holder (MP360R)

D.LAB distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories


Since we have cameras, taking photos has become the best tool for us to record the changes of times and life. The changes of people’s photography vary with the times and the progress of science and technology. In the new era of 2020, a new technological advancement offered a solution to taking videos and photos via a 360 ° intelligent tracking platform.

This 360 intelligent tracking platform adopts AI intelligent face tracking technology, which can intelligently capture and recognize faces for tracking photos or videos. It is very convenient to use. After power on, open your app, and turn on Bluetooth to connect and use automatically. The app allows your mobile phone to capture you in video or photo mode wherever you go.

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