Portable Wet/Dry Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner (CS-A6)

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Portable Wet/Dry Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner (CS-A6)
Keeping a car’s interior clean can be a challenge—crumbs get stuck in cracks and crevices, dirt sticks to car mats, and sticky beverages splash the sides of your vehicle doors. With the right car vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to clean your car’s interior quickly and efficiently. These vacuums are especially helpful for parents who have young children who are prone to making all kinds of messes and spills in the car. They’re equally useful to pet owners who travel regularly with their pets.
Introducing Car Vacuum Clearner CS-A6 features a 120W motor with turbocharged aluminium blade design, allowing it to suck away scraps of paper, smoke, hair, small stones and more with up to 5000pa of suction power. It is completely pluggable in your car’s cigarette light port. It is smaller in design than most vacuum cleaners available. It comes with a long flat nozzle, brush nozzle and hose auxillary joint to further enhance your cleaner.
It comes with a double filtration technology. The outer canister of the filtration system separates larger particles while the inner filter is what traps dust and finer particles. It’s completely bagless too, so disposal of the vacuum materials is easy. Plus the filter is washable. The 4.5m power cord is long enough for you to cover all types of cars.
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