Intelligent Neck Massager (GH103)

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Intelligent Neck Massager (GH103)
Neck and shoulder massagers can alleviate pain and improve your mobility. Not only will these massagers improve your muscles’ mobility and flexibility, but using them regularly will also improve your blood circulation. Did you know that using a neck and shoulder massager can reduce your headaches, too.
Introducing the intelligent neck massager which is a lightweight, rechargeable & cordless massager that can relieve stiff neck and tension, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety. It comes with 6 massage modes and 10 levels of adjustable intensity and intelligent voice broadcast.

The Intelligent Neck Massager brings modern clinical level relief technology into a beautiful and compact design. Proprietary electronic pulse-based healing for instant neck relief and maximum comfort. Reduce neck strain and restore damaged cervical balance. It can last for 3 hours of continuos usage.

Built-in 40 to 42°C heating to simulate real massage therapist. Use the wireless remote control to get a realistic and relaxing massage experience.

The electrical impulses directly hit the pain points and stimulates the muscles around it, allowing them to soften and release the tension stored.

Great Improvement for people who suffer neck pain:

Significantly reduce the pain for head movement.
Fuller range of head motion.
Reduce tension headache.
With its ergonomic design, snug fit on the C6-C7 of your cervical vertebrae.

What is it made from?
This intelligent neck massager is made from medical grade silicone, with a pair of durable 304 stainless steel electrodes, it is built to last.

Flexible elastic arm makes it suitable for all neck sizes. Expect a firm, comfortable fit.

Easy To Carry Outdoor
Small enough to fit in bags, easy to use it in your car, your office, or at home when you rest.

For a fraction of the cost of regular chiropractor session, you can use this intelligent neck massager anywhere at anytime. Relax your family with this massager for 15 minutes each day, good care for the family.

Our Box Comes With

  • Pulse Neck Massager
  • Massage Sticker
  • Abdominal Sticker
  • Remote Control
  • Portable Bag
  • User Manual
  • Type C Charging Cable

The following people must never use the neck massager

  • Patients with a bleeding tendency
  • Pregnant women, lying-in women
  • Acute supportive inflammation patients.
  • Heart pacemaker users or patients with a metal implant.
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