7000 DPI Gaming Mouse with RGB Lights (V50) (Ready Stocks now in Singapore)

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7000 DPI Gaming Mouse with RGB Lights (V50)

EasySMX distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

If RGB lighting is something you like, then no mouse on this list does it better than V50. Two LED strips run down the sides of the mouse, which along with the SMX logo on the base of the palm rest, can be customized to the color and lighting pattern of your choice.

The slightly angular body weighs 128gand is subtle yet well designed enough to provide a comfortable grip, with a total of seven programmable buttons including three thumb buttons on the left (limiting it to right-handed users), a textured scroll wheel, and a dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity adjusting button below it.

5 DPI PRESETS – The gaming mouse features an impressive DPI setting up to 7000 DPI with 5 DPI settings 800, 1500, 3000, 4500, and 7000. The DPI shift button behind the scroll wheel lets you alter DPI sensitivity on the fly, handy if you want to use different settings between the desktop and a game. There is also a DPI light indicating the sensitivity level you are at.

USER-FRIENDLY SOFTWARE – The PC gaming mouse boasts five programmable buttons (Right/scroll wheel/forward/backward/DPI shift button) which can be key bound to what every use you want in games. Every gamer can tweak it to an extent that it corresponds to their individual playstyle, such as button assignments, DPI setting and RGB illumination.

RGB ILLUMINATION – The computer mouse comes with six lighting effects so you can not only have this mouse cycle through multiple colors, but have it display a rainbow of hues. It’s a custom-color backlighting where you can choose from an incredible 16.8 million colors.

ON-BOARD MEMORY – This laptop mouse is designed with fans of LAN parties in mind. 3 profiles can be stored up to on the mouse and make an unlimited number of profiles on your PC if you log in your account in the EasySMX software. Simply store the settings in the mouse and it can work with multiple PCs without re-installing software or log in.

20 Million Key life – For long-term use, the PC mouse is rated for whopping 20 million key lifespan. Be it work or pleasure, you can literally use this mouse for extended years.

Improved Control – To give you the best performance in gaming sessions, this mouse features a textured yet hollowed out side grips, not only bettering grips but also preventing slip from hand sweat.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY & HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY – This LED PC mouse is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Linux, Mac OS etc. Note that NO programming function for Mac computers)

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