4000 DPI Gaming Mouse with Sniper Button (V18) (Ready Stocks now in Singapore)

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4000 DPI Gaming Mouse with Sniper Button (V18)

EasySMX distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

A balanced mid-range gaming mouse that canhandle a variety of situations, the V18 is an excellent mid-tier gaming mouse that boasts alightweight build and extra, albeit modest, features. Among those features is the ability to configure up to three separate profiles in SMX app. This may not be good for input-heavy and fast-paced games. However, if you need an affordable and reliable mouse that can handle serious gaming as well asday-to-day computer usage, this one’s a shoo-in.

ON-THE-FLYDPI SWITCHING – The gaming mouse boasts 6
DPI setting from 400 to 4200. Switch DPI sensitivity using two DPI settings handy buttons. This feature serves you great if you need to take advantage of on-the-fly DPI switching to instantly match mouse speed to various gameplay demands.

SNIPER BUTTON – The PC mouse is equipped with a dedicated sniper button, so you can instantly slow down the sensitivity to hit those shots with precision in FPS games such as Fornite, Overwatch and PUBG, giving gamers the edge needed tooutplay the competition. Also a great fit for day-to-day computing as it easilyblends into any office set up.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Whether you deploy a claw grip or palmgrip, the way this computer mouse shapes will provide perfect comfort for longand intense gaming sessions. The ergonomic right-handed design ensures balanceand speed with all grip styles. Its textured side grips deliver extraordinary comfort and grip.

CUSTOMIZABLE WEIGHT – The laptop mouse comes with a set of weights so that you can adjustthe center of gravity and overall heft, depending on whether your prefer speedor accuracy (or a balance of both). The overall weight ranges from 120g (baremouse) to 146g (all five weights installed).


WIDE COMPATIBILITY& HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY – This LED PC mouse is compatible with Win10, Win8,Win7, Win XP, Vista, Mac OS, Linux etc. Forward button, backward button, right button and middle button are programmable. Notethat NO programming function for Mac computers.

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