18 Inch Professional Ring Light Stand with Remote Control (ZS228)

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18 Inch Professional Ring Light Stand with Remote Control (ZS228)

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With Tiktok, Youtube and various digital platforms becoming a commonplace for influencers and casual users to post their videos it is imminent that filming quality and equipment is getting more and more important. Beyond millions of followers and major brand deals, a great ring light could be the main difference. For those not in the know, a ring light is a relatively simple tool that delivers professional lighting conditions in photos and videos. The device is generally composed of a circle of small LED bulbs or one uninterrupted ring of light — hence the name — that provides an evenly diffused light source for photos and videos, regardless of a location’s natural light. First popularized by YouTubers and DSLR photographers, ring lights are now available in a wide variety of sizes and models, each of which fulfills a unique set of needs, from dimmable rings on tall mounts to smaller options tailor-made for phone cameras.


Introducing the professional 18 inch right light stand with remote control.


【Bi-Color Temperature and Brightness Adjustment】

18 inch ring light with multiple variants of lighting (ranging from 2700K to 5700K color temperature without change the color filter, 10%-100% brightness adjustable). Built-in intelligent touch control panel for brightness and mode, LED light shows the situation of brightness, color temp, perfect for different variety of photography. Even if the plug is unplugged, it has a memory function.


【6cm to 9cm stretchable and 360 degrees free angle adjustment Mobile Phone holder】

3 x Mobile Phone holder with up to 9cm firm grap holder and free angle adjustment


【360 degrees + 180 degrees adjustable ring light stand holder】

You can adjust the ring light angle 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

【Kit Included】

1 x 18 inch LED Ring Light, 1 x 1.6m foldable Ring Light Stand, 3 x Cell Phone Clip Holder, 1 x IR Remote Control, 1 x Power Adapter

【18 inch Ring Light with full carbon steel Stand】

Special LED SMD design and 336 pcs LED beads, perfect for many uses, portraits, products, pets and video. The ring light tripod, full carbon steel reinforced construction for stabilizing the makeup ring light, height adjustable: 59cm to 160cm. The stand has a 2.1cm reinforced pipe diameter, and tested 3,000 times for stability test.

【Remote Control and Phone Holder】

Change the color temperature and brightness,adjustment is accessible from the included remote control. Especially the color temperature, it does not require change filters like some other ring lights,only press a button on the remote.The light ring includes various phone, camera, and device mounts that places it inside the ring.

【Indoor & Outdoor Use and Carrying Bag】

Easy to set-up and useful whether indoors or outdoors photography, powered by direct AC plug

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