Intelligent Wireless Car Charger (ZS248)

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Pretty much everyone fears getting that low-battery notification on their smartphone when driving. Especially when you’re halfway to your destination and relying on it for navigational purposes.

Whether you’re a ride-share driver or just someone who can’t get from point A to point B without relying on battery-depleting apps like Google Maps or Waze, your phone probably doesn’t last a long time between charges. No matter how far your route is taking you, it’s a smart idea to always have a wireless car charger on hand, so you’ll never hover around the dreaded 10% mark again!

The Intelligent Wireless Car Charger is one of the most adjustable car-charging mounts you can buy.

Its claw grip widens significantly and automatically with dual motor locking (100% stability) to accommodate large smartphones like the Galaxy Note 10 (up to 6.7 inch), and it has two “feet” at the bottom that you can lower to easily ensure that your smartphone’s charging coils line up with the charger’s coil to begin powering up.

This powerful 15W Qi charger affixes to your vehicle’s to your dashboard. We love that the mount rotates, meaning that you can use your phone in landscape or portrait mode.

It’s powerful enough to charge your phone even through a thick 5mm leather case. It’s one handed operation, easy to use allows you to concentrate on driving. Even when your car engine is in flameout condition, you can still activate the touch sensor to release your mobile phone. Enjoy your car ride with a fully charged phone on the go!

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