Plant Shape Mosquito Killer Lamp (CY270)

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Plant Shape Mosquito Killer Lamp (CY270)

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Nothing can ruin a perfect day outside like the relentless buzzing of mosquitoes and the constant swatting that ensues once the biting begins.

Mosquito traps are one way to tackle this pest problem. They’re designed to lure mosquitoes by mimicking human breath, or CO2. The traps then use either adhesive glue, electric zap, dehydration, or drowning to then kill the mosquitoes. This can be effective when you are attempting to eliminate these pests from a specific area like a backyard or a bedroom. And, since only female mosquitoes can bite, catching them the moment they’re looking for blood will prevent them from reproducing. While traps may not be able to completely eradicate your issue, they can make a big difference if you place them in the right location and run them every day. We rounded up the most effective mosquito traps on the market from budget-friendly to portable.

Here are the best mosquito traps to keep pests away.

For a budget-friendly option that’s versatile and effective, try plant shape mosquito killer lamp. This affordable pest killer works both indoors and outdoors by attracting mosquitos with a soft LED light that then sucks them into a chamber where they dehydrate and die. Once the trap is full, the detachable bottom can be removed with a twist for easy cleaning and bug disposal.

A great addition to any camping excursion or outdoor activity, the Mosquito Killer doesn’t require an electrical outlet, features an energy-saving daytime mode, and comes with a USB port for easy operation (just plug to a powerbank). The low power usage (only 1.7W and 0.3A) means you can power up this device for a extended long hours without using much battery.

Easy to operate one touch button, this chemical-free unit is safe to use around children and babies. The brand recommends keeping the trap on for more than 24 hours during the first use, and about two to three hours before bed for maximum efficiency.

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