4.3inch HD Large Screen Handheld Game Console with Dual Joypad (VW-X6S)

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4.3inch HD Large Screen Handheld Game Console with Dual Joypad (VW-X6S)

Distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

If you’re of a certain age, you probably have fond memories of handheld video game systems. The technology has changed a lot, but handheld gaming consoles remain as popular as ever, thanks to both a wave of nostalgia and an increased demand for portable play and connectivity.

Nothing beats playing retro games while on the go. That’s why we’re here to bring you the best handheld retro consoles you need in your life.

The VW-XS6 is a powerful, emulation-based system that runs on Android. It can handle games up to 128bit, and looks and feels great. The handheld features a gorgeous 4.3-inch IPS screen, a long lasting 1500 mAh battery and microSD card support up to 64GB. However, what really sets the VW-X6S apart is the fact that it boasts 2 types of directional buttons (standard and joystick)

Simple arcade style and easy to play. A perfect companion to promote our kids’ eyehand coordination abilities. The game console is a newly released product for children’s plug-and-play handheld game consoles. Which can bring more outstanding gaming experiences to game lovers. The style look looks very popular with children. Your child will love it.

It is a compact and lightweight handheld game console with simple and never outdated design, suitable for carry it to anywhere at anytime. The perfect choice for enjoying childhood fun in airplanes, camps, travel or on the way to work.


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