Wireless Stereo Headset with Touch Control & Color LED

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Wireless Stereo Headset with Touch Control & Color LED

Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

With the amount of time you’re spending at home these days, you deserve a better headset. A wireless one that works with your computer and maybe your console as well, with a mic for calls and great sound for games and movies.

We love the the H16 headphones for their comfortable fit, solid noise reduction, clear microphone sound quality, and handy add-ons, such as the voice-activated awareness mode. This over-ear pair has nifty bells and whistles that office workers and audio fans will both appreciate.

H16 has a comfortable, lightweight build quality, with soft memory foam on the earpads and headband. There are touch controls on the right earcup.

The H16 headphones are highly effective at reducing sounds around you—especially in the human-speech/crying-baby range—which can be very helpful in cafes and open office plans, or when you’re working from home. You’ll also hear a dip in low-frequency hums, like plane noise and air conditioners, but this pair isn’t as effective in this range as our picks for best noise-cancelling headphones.

Music playback after full charge (approximately 3.5 hours) can last up to 38 hours, however with the LED color lights battery life is down to around 20 hours. Standby time is a whopping 300 hours. If you are not using Bluetooth, you can also hook up a cable to make it a corded headphone or insert a TF/Micro SD card for alternative playback.

This on-ear pair sounds fantastic, is lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours, and has controls that are easy to learn and use. The microphones deliver stellar clarity for phone calls and video chats.

Look no further go get a pair to enjoy good sound reproduction now!

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