Universal Foldable 360 Tablet Holder

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Universal Foldable 360 Tablet Holder

Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

As great as tablets are for portability and ease of use, they are just flat objects and often have to be propped up on your knee, or against a wall or something else both solid and stable enough to be able to be seen and used properly.

A stand – or tablet holder as they are sometimes called – can improve your ergonomic situation: safety, comfort, ease of use, and productivity.

We’ve gathered the best tablet stands we can find, tested them for posture, flexibility, stability and looks.

Borrowing the idea of a spring loaded arm for desk lighting or recording studio equipment, this Tablet Stand has a C-clamp with 2-inch clearance to secure it to the desk. The strong two stage arm offers a maximum loading capacity of 1.5kg. Being spring loaded, it offers more precise positioning and together with the 360° swivel base and rotating padded tablet holder, it can be set to virtually any angle and position. Suitable for devices 4.7 to 12.9-inch.


Multiple adjustment angle

The clip and axis body can rotate 360 degrees.


Metal Material

It is made of aluminum alloy, durable to use, fashionable and beautiful to look.


Convenient to store

Two parts of the body folds at 180 degrees

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