Adjustable Desktop Phone Holder

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Adjustable Desktop Phone Holder

Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

The best cell phone stands will prop your phone up, so you can wake it up by tapping its screen, or by pushing a button. They also prop your phone up toward your face, which makes it easy to check notifications as they come in to decide whether or not they’re actually important.

Finally, you can use a stand to hold your phone while you’re watching video to avoid keeping it in your hand. No need to find a wall or mug to prop your phone up against while browsing Youtube or streaming your favorite show; just put the phone on the stand.

The Adjustable Desktop Phone Holder is an adjustable height, lightweight option. Many of the top stands we reviewed have an adjustable angle but do not adjust height wise. We appreciated this feature of this stand. It’s also quite a bit lighter than many of the metal stands we reviewed, and has a larger footprint. It’s made with a combination of high quality ABS plastic, aluminum alloy and silicone, which gives it a high end aesthetic look. We liked the stability provided by the rubberized base and back.

The stand is has more stability around the base with an ABS material, while the vertical pole is made of aluminum alloy. This means that it can hold a small tablet with ease. It also comes with a silicone anti-skid panel to hold your mobile phone or tablet firmly. Height can be adjusted.

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