17 Inch Armored 2-in-1 Gaming Backpack (KLB180822)

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17 Inch Armored 2-in-1 Gaming Backpack (KLB180822)

KINGSLONG distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

There’s a laptop, then there’s a gaming laptop. And yes, there’s a huge difference. Gaming laptops come with a lot of features that regular laptops don’t. It’s also a whole lot more expensive, what with all the specialized parts and accessories. It just follows that carrying a gaming laptop around also calls for a specialized backpack. You’ll need lots of ways to organize accessories like the best wireless gaming mouse or the best headphones and something that can protect your device from damage.


This 2-in-1 is a unique modular backpack designed for carrying your gaming gear with the utmost comfort. Featuring detachable front and rear compartments, Ranger 2-in-1 offers customizable capacity to easily accommodate light or heavy loads.


With a reinforced front panel , this 2-in-1 provides total protection for your gears. It also features ergonomic shoulder straps and ventilated back padding made from multi-layer, high-density memory foam to absorb weight and to keep you comfortable, even when the backpack is fully loaded.


The rear compartment of the  2-in-1 is designed to carry up to a 17-inch gaming laptop, and the front compartment offers dedicated storage space for a 10-inch tablet, keyboard, headset and mouse, as well as two additional pockets for other accessories and small items.

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