20″ Inch Kids Mountain Bicycle with 6 speed Shimano gears

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The Perfect Mountain Bike for kids 6 years and older

When children reach the 20 inch threshold, the world of kids mountain bikes really opens up.  There are several reasons for this: kids this age are finally strong enough to deal with the extra weight introduced by suspension, they have a newly developed capacity to operate gears, and they have the focused interest to justify a higher-priced bike.

Kids reach the magical 20” threshold (and stay there) at wildly different times depending on their height and build.  That said, 20 inch mountain bikes are generally appropriate for kids aged 6 to 10.

This 20″ Inch Kids Mountain Bicycle with 6 speed Shimano gears offers some good value for the aspiring little mountain biker. Mechanical disc brakes for more powerful stopping bower and a set of great multi-surface tires for the kids. Bike chain model is TB-408, crafted with straightening outer plate, enhancing the compatibility of for all the 7 to 5-speed chain make it a kids all rounder. Add in 6-speed SHIMANO TOURNEY – Rear Derailleur – Short Cage, M321-DG aluminum brake handles and you have pumptrack/skills park/trail bike on your hands.

The bike geometry, steering and handling is designed to be quicker and more responsive to suit a child’s body.


  1. MTB aluminum frame is light, strong and easy to manage
  2. SHIMANO TOURNEY – Rear Derailleur – Short Cage – 6-speed
  3. Mechanical disc brakes provide quick response and sure stopping power
  4. Extra-wide, 2.6 in. all-terrain tires soften the little bumps and stick to the trail for a smooth, stable ride
  5. Bicycle weight limit is up to 80kg. total, including rider + all gear carried on the bike and on the rider’s body
  6. Specs and images are subject to change
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