Heart Rate Fitness Smart Watch With Blood Pressure Monitor (Y20)

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Heart rate monitoring watches make life easier for anyone wanting to monitor their heart health or track their heart rate for maximum benefit during exercise. And heart rate monitors are for more than sport. The latest devices can help monitor your heart rate 24/7, help spot illness, stress, tiredness – and help tell you when to take a break.

If you’d like to try using a heart rate monitor but don’t want to make a huge investment, this smartwatch is an affordable pick with lots of the features of more expensive devices. In addition to heart rate monitoring, you can use it to track activities such as steps, distance, pace, calories burned, workout routes, and active minutes.

You can also use it to get calendar reminders, text alerts, and phone notifications on the go. Useful tools such as sleep tracking, deep breathing guide, and movement reminders can all help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

With this smartwatch you can sleep with it for a couple of days for it to learn your patterns.

Once you’ve done this, you’re offered an enormously advanced sleep analysis, which uses a number of parameters to determine how you’ve slept and how this will probably affect your day. In at least nine cases out of ten, this matched well with how the tester actually felt.

The analysis is then combined with the exercise you record with the watch. After this you get recommendations for what you should do in terms of exercise in the future, divided into condition, strength and mobility.

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