Bluetooth Game Controller for PC and Nintendo Switch Rainbow Edition

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Bluetooth Game Controller for PC and Nintendo Switch Rainbow Edition

Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Wireless gamepad, EasySMX ESM-4108 switch gamepad, five-speed adjustable LED and dual vibration feedback, TURBO combo settings, suitable for switch support, Windows XP/10/7/8/8.1

Five Key Features

[Bluetooth connection]

The handle uses the latest Bluetooth wireless transmission technology, the signal is stable, the anti-interference is strong, the connection distance is long, and the delay is eliminated.


The controller supports all models of switch, and can also be connected to a computer through a wire, and supports Windows XP/10/7/8/8.1 system

[Adjustable double vibration]

Built-in asymmetrical double vibration sensory motor, the vibration intensity can be adjusted in five gears, and experience the scenes of collision, vibration and shooting in the game

[Adjustable LED lights]

The right joystick of the handle includes cool LED lights. The brightness of the lights can be adjusted in 5 levels.

[Non-slip design]

The back of the grip and the rocker mushroom head are laser engraved with non-slip design, making the grip better and more comfortable to operate.

Product Description

There are four rows of LED indicators on the handle to let you know the current working mode and connection status of the handle at any time.


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