Mobile Phone Wireless Microphone System with Lavalier

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Mobile Phone Wireless Microphone System with Lavalier New!

Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

If you’ve recently found yourself having a lot of meetings, social gatherings, or job interviews online, you may have noticed the sound quality from other people on the call isn’t great. Don’t worry, they’re probably thinking the same thing about you.

That’s because the inbuilt microphones on most laptops, tablets, and phones tend to be quite low-quality, and not good at separating your voice from background noise. This makes it harder for other people to hear what you’re saying, resulting in confusing conversations and poor-quality recordings.

Repeating yourself and asking others to do the same is tiring and frustrating, but there are solutions. A good external USB or Bluetooth microphone will improve voice quality and reduce echo and background noise, making for better work calls, video chats, and podcast audio.



This is compact lightweight wireless microphone system for iPhone or iPad that will give you quality broadcast audio for your Smartphone videos. The transmitter is similar to the Rode Wireless Go. It is a small and compact microphone that you can clip to your subject’s clothing for interviews or mobile reporting. If you don’t like to use the built-in microphone on the transmitter, you can plug in the provided Lavalier microphone instead. This can be less intrusive than the transmitter microphone and not as noticeable on clothing. You simply hide the transmitter in another location on your subject’s body.


The receiver plugs into your iPhone’s Lightning port OR Android Phone Type C. It is light weight and takes up little space when connected to your iPhone. In fact, you can use it with a Smartphone gimbal without upsetting its balance. This is useful for those who want smooth shots when using their iPhone. The receiver needs no batteries to power it. It gets its power from the iPhone or Android phone, so you won’t have to worry about it running out of power.


The whole system runs on the 2.4Ghz frequency, which seems to be the popular choice for this type of wireless microphone system. It boast a long wireless distance of up to 20m unrestricted line of sight.



The built-in noise-reducing mic makes sure your voice comes across clearly, even if you’re in busy surroundings. It has a signal to noise ratio of 64 dBm. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor video shoots.


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