Portable Hands-Free Bladeless Neck Fan

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Wearable Fan Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Nope, those aren’t headphones! That’s a wearable fan. I know they look a tad goofy, but you won’t be worrying about that when you think back to all the times you almost passed out from the heat.

Neck fans are taking over the world, and we are here for it! These are convenient fans that you travel with and use from anywhere. Crafted in slim and compact designs, the neck fans are meant to be worn for an entire day to regulate your body’s temperatures. So, you can wear a fan when hitting the gym, at home, hiking, or even in the office.

The fans are made with a varying number of blades that work with minimal sound to prevent disturbance when working. They also adjust in airflow to blend with the temperatures of the surroundings.


The powerful 2,000 mAh battery equipped on this neck fan facilitates it to provide an excellent cooling effect and for long as well. This fan does not have blades, which means that it does not produce any operational noises. So, it is a perfect choice for people working in the office or students. The neck fan comes in three different colors to choose the best color.

So you are in the know; this neck fan is comfortable to wear for an entire day as it is light. Equipped with 78 air outlets, the fan ensures you get an even flow of air. The fan battery can run between 2 to 6 hours, and the speed adjusts in three different settings.

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