Sports TWS Bluetooth Earphone (CT919)

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Going for Sports? Head out with good Music!

You might be looking for the best running headphones but what follows is the list of the best workout buds, best sports headphones, and the best earbuds for gym, sports, CrossFit, cycling… and, of course, the best headphones for running. The below sport headphones were designed to outlast your sweatiest workouts and longest running sessions, no matter what.


At a glance, these earphones look quite solid. They hold steady around your ears, and interact well with spectacles, and the over-ear hooks sit happily next to glasses or sunglasses.

The buds are unique in that they push upwards and in to the inner ear, while the hooks support them from above. Some people might find this invasive but anyone who’s used to in-ear buds will find them comfortable and secure.

The noise-excluding, unmovable yet comfortable fit is handy when listening to music anywhere but it really comes into its own in natural environments, which are the gym, the road, and the running track. Although not the pool or open water – these are water and sweat resistant but not intended for liquid immersion or swimming.

The way they fit means they cannot fall out and get lost. They won’t move as you workout. They sound suitably inspirational. Fantastic.

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