Sports TWS Bluetooth Neckband Earphones (CT922)

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Going for Sports? Head out with good Music!

The best running headphones should help boost your performance and keep your mind occupied while you run. They also need to stay in place above no matter how vigorous your workout may be, and if they make your music sound fantastic – even better.

Your gear will also need to be able to withstand sweat and possibly rain, depending on your location. What’s more, we believe that the best running headphones can improve your performance significantly; there’s plenty of research that proves music can transform your runs.


Workout headphones take a beating. Even if you’re only running or working out at home, mine get shoved in backpacks and fanny packs, thrown in my key bin, or end up at the bottom of wet tote bags all the time. With treatment like that, even this budget pick, the CT922 seems the best choice.

At this budget, the workout buds are pretty good! They’re not outstanding, but are adequate. You won’t hear any echoes or distortion. After a little fiddling with the ear hooks, the buds stayed put while on miles-long trail runs. The 15-hour battery life is amazing, and they’re water resistant.

These are great for an extra pair to keep your workout bag. If you want a pair that is almost indistinguishable from pricier pairs, we still recommend CT922.

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