12000mAh Fast Portable Charger Battery Pack Dual USB

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Distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Watching your phone or tablet steadily run out of juice when you’re nowhere near a power outlet is stressful. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of third-party backup batteries, and they come in every size, capacity, and price range to keep your device going when your battery icon starts to dip in the red. And it doesn’t end there. Some power banks are equipped with features like fast charging, wireless charging, built-in cables, AC adapters, LED flashlights—and even the ability to jump-start your car.

Power Capacity

This portable charger is one of the best because of all its facets, and this is because none of them are mediocre, and all of the parts of this portable charger have been near optimized for their potential.

The power capacity starts at 12,000mAh and during charging the Output power capacity goes down to 10,000mAh. This amount of power capacity is plenty for charging smartphones multiple times and it’s even enough to charge Mini sized tablets like the iPad Mini 1 and 2 versions near or at their full battery capacities. Full-sized tablets will be able to achieve about half of their battery capacities.

This power bank even has 2 charging ports, so you can potentially charge 2 smartphones to their full power capacities at the same while still having more power left over to use later.


We absolutely love the Output charging capabilities of this power bank. Each of the 2 ports is able to Output 5V/2.1 Amps. With that, you can charge most smartphones that aren’t compatible with Quick Charge at their max charging speeds. This is especially true for iPhones. You can even charge tablets at their max charging speeds.

So connecting another device while a tablet is charging will make the same current go to the other charging port. With that said, though. A shared charging speed in the case of charging smartphones is an overall better option because this way, the 2 smartphones that are charging at the same time will be charging at their max charging speeds. Rather than 1 port being 2.1A and the other one being 1 Amp; this power bank takes a more equivalent path that provides fast or at least standard charging for 2 devices charging at once.


By using a 2 Amp wall charger, you can recharge this power bank at its max charging speed and it can fully recharge within 6-7 hours.


The portability with this Powerbank is one the best parts other than the charging speed. It has a length of 13.6cm, a width of 6.8cm and a thickness of 1.5cm. It’s nearly as small as a smartphone if you’re not counting the thickness of it; and if even if you are counting the thickness, this power bank can easily fit into your pocket, probably not with your smartphone but it can fit alone into a pocket very easily.

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