3.5mm Lavalier Microphone (NR9143/4)

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Distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Lavalier microphones are also called lapel mics. They are small and clip to your shirt, collar or tie. The great thing about lavalier mics is that they allow you to record hands-free. Once you have it positioned correctly, you won’t even have to think about the microphone. You can just focus on the content you are producing. Because they are small and unobtrusive, they are great for video as well and are commonly used with DSLR cameras and iPhones.

Lavalier mics are commonly used by sports anchors, news reporters, conference presenters, churches and more. They make a great option for podcasting on the go or creating YouTube videos as well.

The microphone itself is very well-built and features an omnidirectional pickup pattern, that gives users a little more freedom of placement. The pick-up pattern also lends it idyllic properties for natural sounding spoken voice rendering it perfect for podcasts, interviews, conferences, and general dictation. It has good sensitivity and the signal to noise ratio ensures a clear transmission.

It has a strong and supportive clip-on system which is rotational and very easy to use, ensuring it is quick and effortless to prep at a moments notice.

It features a standard 3.5mm jack connection making it fully-compatible with an extensive range of products, although sadly will require a lightning adapter for modern smartphones.

It comes with a complimentary 2m or 3m anti-friction extension cable for added versatility and a wind muffler for countering the sounds of the elements during outside use.

+ Clear sound.
+ Good quality omni-directional mic.
+ Plug and play.

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