Dynamic Wired Stereo Gaming Headphones (TC3202)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Affordable gaming headsets can deliver all the exciting sound and clear microphone performance of more expensive peripherals. Unlike most of the best gaming headsets overall, however, these models will leave you with more spare cash to grow your games collection or invest in new PC upgrades.

This headset offers very impressive audio performance for an entry-level headset, delivering punchy highs and a solid low end for just about every genre. It includes a splitter cable that you can use to plug into your computer’s microphone and headphone jacks.

This headset makes it easy for gamers to pinpoint enemy footsteps during a tense Overwatch showdown and gave plenty of kick to the game’s snappy guns. Forza Horizon 3’s screeching tires and revving engines sounded crisp, and you can make out the subtle changes in tire noises when you go from driving on roads to coasting on the beach.

At this affordable price, you get great sound, a durable design, a solid microphone and a mostly cozy set of cans.

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