Silent Rotatable Clip Fan with Remote Control (CY363)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

With global warming, summers in Singapore are getting worse. So, apart from our ACs and standing fans, we may also need table fans to help us beat the heat. Table fans are smaller and easier to incorporate in any home, plus they can fit nicely on a desk. Whether you are working from home or cooking a full meal in the kitchen, a reliable table fan can keep you cool and fresh.

If you’re looking for an innovative table fan, then this Silent Rotatable Clip Fan with Remote Control Fan is your answer. With its built-in firm clamp, you can easily clip the fan on your overhead cabinet. Not only will you reduce the clutter on your desk, but also this fan can cool your face better. The clamp is protected with rubber grips to ensure that the clamping surface is free from scratches. Of course, you can still place it beside you if you don’t want a hanging fan. It’s ultra-breeze quiet sleeping technology boast 16dB low noise for undisturbed working or napping hours.

We also love how this fan comes with a 3000mah built-in battery, so each full charge can last you about 3 to 10 hours, depending on the speed and cooling mode chosen. It is easily rechargeable, too – simply plug into a USB port you use for phone charging and you’re good to go.

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