AI Face Tracking Smartphone 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Tripod

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Distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

A gimbal stabilizer will always be more steady than your hand, and they can eliminate shaky or blurry footage to help your videos look better than ever before. Gimbals use brushless motors that keep your smartphone or camera steady during action shots.

This Smooth AI Face Gimbal Stabilizer, a smartphone gimbal that is flexible, packed with cool features, and smooths out the shakes to help you film the perfect video every time. It has a joystick on the control board and comes with a tripod.

It comes with the camera app, where you can control programmable filming techniques. What’s more, the stabilizer has a few shooting modes, such as the Gimbal Mode, the Selfie Mode, and the Tripod Mode, which help you take professional shots. It also has SMART modes like Face/Object tracking, Gesture Control, and Filmmaking Features, like slow motion and time lapse through the Cami app.

This stabilizer has 3 axis, the Pan Axis and the Roll Axis. Its batteries last up to 8 hours for continuous use. It comes with a USB–C Cable for fast charging and a travel case. The greatest feature of this gimbal is its weight and compact design. At only 400 grams, it can fit in any purse, backpack, or even a pocket.

You can extend its size, as well as rotate it to fold it. This Gimbal is compatible with Android phones under 250 g, as well as with iOS phones.

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