Mechanical Bike Phone Holder (ZS264)

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Mechanical Bike Phone Holder (ZS264)

Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

There’s a whole bunch of reasons you may want to mount your phone to the handlebars of your bike. Using your phone whilst riding is really dangerous; hence it is recommended not to. However, if you want to use the wealth of information a smartphone offers on the go, you’re going to want to be able to attach it safely to your bike. In most cases, bikers need navigation, and that’s only possible either with a bike mount or if you have a Google Map to guide you along the way.

Perhaps you’re a Food Panda or Grab rider looking to use your phone for GPS navigation. Maybe you’re an avid mountain biker looking to use Google Maps to find the most daring, beautiful route. Or perhaps, you just want to be able to listen to music whilst zooming down the road on your bike. The possibilities are endless when you opt for a phone mount.

If the use of all this plastic on the previous picks on the last turned you off, and you’re looking for a minimalist solid-built phone holder, this phone holder has got you covered. This phone mount is made from ABS + aluminum alloy, adding a smooth look and great rigidity attached to your bike or motorcycle.

Supporting phones as small as 4.7 inches, this is perfect if you have a small and compact phone. You can open the holder to fit phones up to 7-inches in diameter, giving you loads of flexibility.

The holder, instead of being auto adjustable, fits standard both bicycle and motorcycle

You can set the phone landscape or portrait for ease of viewing; just turn the cradle 360-degree rotation, allowing safe hands-free phone access on the road.

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