8 in 1 Multifunctional PC Docking Station (H121)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

A USB-C hub or docking station can save you from constantly swapping dongles and relying on Bluetooth. With a single USB-C connection to your laptop or desktop and a USB-C hub, you can hook up a monitorkeyboardmouse and Ethernet as well as read and write to memory cards or other external drives.

Introducing Red Dot Design Winner 2021 – the perfect portable hub for your MacBook Pro that offers all the connections you need. Compact, retractable and functional in a fashionable design. J-cube consist of two parts: the right and left side of your MacBook. It’s super easy and sets up in seconds. Simply split, extend and connect. With it you can raise up your MacBook to around 7 degrees which is not only the perfect ergonomic angle but also provides better airflow and can prevent your computer from overheating.

Now you can easily charge multiple devices, extend your monitor, or transfer data. This device simply converts your MacBook thunderbolt ports into 8 ports combining all necessary functions you need. So you can keep your workplace clean and organized. No more annoying cables, dongles or adapters. It’s the perfect solution for professional and creative workplaces, but also for gamers and people who likes to work on the go!

Thanks to the compact and lightweight design, it fits any pocket and snaps together magnetically for easy carry. Upgrade your MacBook Pro now with this innovative device.


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