15W Magnetic Wireless Charger (TA0302)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories


Embrace the future of charging with the best wireless chargers. Forget about plugging in cables to your smartphone or wirelessly chargeable accessories, just pop them on these stands and pads and watch them power up.

When it comes to picking the best wireless charger, it’s not one size fits all. There are single-device wireless chargers that are great for supplying power to a phone and more versatile wireless chargers for those who want to juice up multiple gadgets at once.

【Fast Charge】

15W- Fast charging with cool technology

【Safe & Reliable】

Built-in over-charging, over-heating, short-circuit protection

【High Speed charging】

5 / 7.5 / 10W/ 15W multi-mode charging

【Compact and portable】

It can be put into any travel bags, convenient to carry and easy to store.

【Fast heat dissipation】

The glass mirror is made of aluminum alloy material, which has lower loss and higher efficiency. The intelligent low temperature protection charge does not hurt your device.

【Precise alignment】

Built-in fast charging chip with intelligent identification system

【Airpods 2 charges in 2 hours】

Supports Airpods2 wireless charging

【Automatic power off  to extend battery life】

When the power is full, it automatically switches to the turbulence mode to prevent overcharging at night and protect the phone battery.

【Intelligent Identification】

Identify other metal objects to avoid unreasonable power consumption. When an unknown object is identified the white light flashes.

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