Christmas Tree Kids Safe Night Lamp (XD-05)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Whether your little one is going through a 4-month sleep regression or just need a little extra encouragement to sleep in their own bed, night lights can be the answer.

By emitting a glowing light that comforts your child into a restful night’s sleep, your kiddo will be happy to cozy up in their bed at the end of the day.

From wall night lights to options that cloak their entire room in a satisfying glow, these are the best night lights for kids.

For a night light that’s as cute as it is functional, this Christmas tree shaped lamp gets high marks across the board. There are 3 light modes (Vanilla white/bright white/Multi-color touch to change color) and can last up to 200 hours in low light settings. Charging is simple using micro USB cable (provided). It’s also portable, so it can be carried to help navigate hallways or find the restroom. This little guy will keep your child comfortable in their room, especially if they have anxiety while trying to doze off in the dark.

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