Front Mounted Child Bike Seat for Mountain Bicycles, Foldable Bicycles, and E-Bicycles [Singapore Ready Stocks]

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

If you’re looking to include a little one in your two-wheeled travels, a kids bike seat is likely the simplest and most affordable way to go.

A front mounted child bike seat is installed at the front of the adult’s bicycle over the top tube and just behind the handle bars. Depending on the brand, it attaches to either the headset, the seatpost, or the frame.

The standard front mounted seat has a harness to keep the child safely strapped in and these are appropriate for babies and toddlers.

we love this front mounted child bike seat. It’s affordable but also functional.

The best thing about the seat is that it’s easy and quick to install and works on a wide variety of bikes including beach cruisers. When you take the seat off it also only leaves behind a very small mountain mechanism, which we appreciate.

Both the leg length and foot straps are adjustable so you can get a good comfortable fit. And speaking of comfort, the padding is better than most, especially at this price point.

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