Rear Mounted Child Bike Seat for Mountain Bicycles, Foldable Bicycles, and E-Bicycles [Singapore Ready Stocks]

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

If you’re looking to include a little one in your two-wheeled travels, a kids bike seat is likely the simplest and most affordable way to go.

Rear mounted seats go behind the adult. These are the most traditional type of kids bike seat, and are probably what you thought of when you started your search.

A rear mounted bike seat can attach to either the frame (seat tube) of the bike OR a rack. They are appropriate for kids from 12 months to around 4 or 5 years old. (Height and weight tend to be the limiting factors).

This rear mounted child bike seat has the smart design features and quality construction that many bikers have come to expect. It is the lightest rear-mount seat we tested (which can make pedaling up an incline feel slightly easier).

Mounting the Dash takes about 15 minutes and is intuitive. The frame mount is compatible with most bike frames; it involves just screwing down the four large bolts of a big metal plate, then attaching the seat and screwing to tighten. Once securely mounted, the seat is ultra-adjustable. There are two height settings for the shoulder straps, much like on our main and runner-up picks. The seat’s five-point-harness system tightens at three points—at the shoulders, from the sides, and between the legs—for a snug fit that both of our young testers.

The seat itself is comfortable, with removable, washable pads that Velcro to the plastic surface. The foot rests are easy to adjust and tighten, and they hold a kiddo’s feet securely. But the armrests were the most popular feature with our testers, who liked gripping the accompanying handholds. We also loved the small storage compartment at the back of the seat—a unique feature we haven’t seen on any other models.

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