Phone and Tablet Holder (NE5164)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

As great as tablets are for portability and ease of use, they are just flat objects and often have to be propped up on your knee, or against a wall or something else both solid and stable enough to be able to be seen and used properly.

The same goes for phones, which might fit well in your pocket, but don’t have any natural support without a stand to place them in. Many tablet stands work with phones, too.

Folding into a compact shape, this Phone & Tablet Stand is easily portable and lightweight. It’s made of durable plastic and aluminium.

It can raise the tablet or phone height to 16.5cm, and can adjust lower. The stand will tilt at up to 85 degrees.

This tablet stand is well-rounded, well-made, and priced just right. This lets you put your tablet in portrait and landscape orientation, adjust the angles, and easily charge your tablet while using it.

The sturdy base keeps it upright and the multiple color options let you pick one that suits your style. Really, the only downside to this holder is the lack of portability. But if you want a holder to keep on your desk or counter, this is a great option for just about anyone.

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