8L Capacity Bicycle Trunk Bag (KHW210318)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Riding on a bike may be practical because you do not spend a single penny on gas, but it comes with downsides too. Bikes are designed for short-term travel or commute and do not offer a lot of compartment space. It can be restricting, especially when you need to bring more essentials when traveling.

The perfect solution is finding the right accessories for your bike. Manufacturers come up with endless products offering comfort and convenience. The best bike trunk bag can come in handy for heavy packers like you. Using a bike trunk bag can secure your belongings while unloading the weight to your body.

For those looking for a multifunctional bag with huge storage capacity, this this trunk bike bag will not disappoint. The bag is made of 300D polyester to make it durable and well-constructed. The bag is padded and surrounded by PE cotton to protect your items from any form of damage as well.

This is an affordable trunk bag that offers incredible versatility. You can use it as a shoulder bag or handbag depending on the occasion. When you are on the road, you can mount it to your bike rack using a high-quality velcro strap. The strap ensures that you can fasten it fast and securely. When off the road, you can use it at work or school.

The bag also comes with a smart compartment system where you can easily organize your belongings. It can hold a maximum of 8L load. The capacity is big enough to carry all your daily needs.

You can bring clothes, gadgets, books, and a repair kit when you choose to use this bag. For more storage space, there are exterior side pockets.

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