Toiletry Travel Bag with Hook (KRH336)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

We’ve likely all been there: the dreaded moment when you realize your face wash, shampoo, favorite serum, nail polish, etc. has fully exploded in your suitcase, leaving permanent damage on clothing and valuables.

While it may be small in stature, the humble toiletry bag is perhaps one of the a traveler needs. For many, toiletries are arguably some of our most valuable (maybe even most expensive) and often-used possessions, so it makes perfect sense that they need a safe home — wherein they won’t explode — while we’re off adventuring ‘round the world.

This travel bag is the best toiletry bag for packing small, travel-sized items thanks to its multiple compartments and side pockets. The bag features multiple compartments in various sizes that fit everything from toothbrushes to toothpaste tubes.

The main compartment is large enough for full-size products, making it versatile enough for short or long-term travel. The built-in heavy duty hanging hook makes it easy to hang and access on a door or rod, while the carrying handle is convenient to carry.

Thanks to its shape, you can pack this fairly flat if you don’t pack too many products, so you can easily use it for carryon travel!

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