20W Outdoor Bluetooth 5.0 FM Speaker with Remote Control

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

The best outdoor speakers combine solid sound with rugged build to withstand life outside and come with some kind of water proofing to help protect them from the elements. From weatherproof speakers models intended for a life outdoors, to compact models that are built to roam earth.

Need an outdoor speaker that also doubles as a portable Bluetooth and FM Radio speaker? This heavyweight will fit the bill and then some. This beefy Bluetooth speaker offers some signature high-end soundscape on top of a 4-hour battery that should last through all of your backyard festivities.

On top of offering rich bass and crisp dialogue, this outdoor is one of the best outdoor speakers for folks who want smart features. The speaker supports both thumbdrives and SD cards, and can switch from Bluetooth to Aux-in to FM radio to plugins on the fly, making it ideal for just about any outdoor setting. Plus, it supports Karaoke function so you can plug microphones for some KTV fun. Add some LED lights and remote control on top of all that and you have the ultimate outdoor portable speaker.

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