2A Fast Charge iPhone Cable (BT555)

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Distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

There’s nothing better than switching on your new iPhone for the first time, safe in the knowledge that you have a brand-new charging cable ready and waiting to provide that essential shot of juice when the battery first begins to run low. On the flip side, no feeling is as crushing as plugging in that same iPhone a few months down the line to a well-worn and splitting cable that chooses that moment to breathe its last.

Whoever says you can’t charge in style must really lack imagination. For an iPhone as sleek as the one you own, it’s only suitable to power it up with a stylish cable—this one looks like a travel luggage. With a travel box-inspired groove, high charging and transfer speeds, and upgraded durability to withstand all sorts of twists, this cable adds some aesthetic to your efficient charging time. It even comes with a strap belt so you can wrap it up and leave no messy entanglement behind. This one is compatible with iPhone 5/6/7/8/X.

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