Ice Compress Sleep Eye Mask (CY376)

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Distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

Whether you’re fighting nightly distractions, need complete and total darkness to fall (and stay) asleep, or intend to zone out on your next red-eye flight, the best sleep masks can make a serious difference in your sleep environment. Think of them as blackout curtains for the eyes, helping block light so you can fall asleep faster, maximize your REM time, and improve your sleep quality.

Beyond better sleep, certain sleep masks also offer some skin benefits. They can also minimize potential signs of aging. Especially for stomach sleepers, protecting your eyes is a must.

Get some rest and relaxation during your travels with this convenient Ice Compress eye mask with ear plugs set. The eye mask features an adjustable strap and is padded for comfort- block out light and soother your tired eyes. The corkscrew ear plugs block ambient sound and come with a cord keeper and storage pocket on the mask so they will not be easily lost. You can use it as a hot compress or cold compress.


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