Wireless Neckband Magnet Headphones (DY02)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

If you’re aiming to get fit with runs, gym workouts or just a HIIT session in your front room, a pair of neckband headphones to upgrade your playlist could be just the boost you need.

With sports models, there are three types of wireless earbuds available: true wireless models, wireless with a cable, and earbuds with a neckband.

These wireless neckband earphones feature a horseshoe-shaped collar that sits around your shoulders and houses a battery and Bluetooth transmitter.

This wireless neckband headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 tech to provide stable connections with devices as far away as 33 feet or 10 metres. It comes with an outstanding battery life, playing music for a whopping 8 hours before requiring recharging. The headset charges in about 1.5 hours and allows users to call for up to 7 hours on a single charge. The magnetic earbuds attach to each other to prevent dangling. However, these buds won’t retract.

Featuring a noise reduction system, this headset provides excellent phone calls. Lightweight construction and an around-the-neck band provide comfort. This unit comes with three different sizes of ear tips, offering compatibility with ears of varying shapes and sizes. Volume controls enable adjusting the sound level seamlessly. This device is compatible with a wide variety of gadgets, including iOS and Android mobile devices as well as computers. This unit has enhanced audio and it’s well balanced for bass, midrange, and treble frequencies.

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