Child Safe Wired Headphones (HC1)

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Distributed by  D.LAB Dezign Laboratories

At some point, most kids need access to headphones, whether it’s for school, travel, or simply to save an adult’s sanity. It can be tempting to give children a pair of hand-me-down grown-up headphones, but that isn’t the best option: Not only are the larger size and increased weight less comfortable for younger kids, but the unregulated loudness levels of most adult headphones can lead to permanent hearing damage. Instead, we recommend that you get a good pair of volume-limiting kids headphones, and we have several picks for different uses.

This pair of Kids Headphones is an inexpensive corded headphone pair that’s sized for the littlest kiddos (up to about age 5) and designed with a lot of thoughtful features. The earcups are covered with a soft fabric and quality foam that should be comfortable for kids who are prone to sensory overstimulation.

Measured at 84 dBA when playing music, maximum volume stays within safe standards, and the volume-limiting circuitry worked the same no matter which direction the cable was plugged in. The single-button remote and microphone on the cable can work for calls or online learning.

The chassis is made of a thicker, more flexible plastic that feels less brittle than that of much of the similarly priced competition. It is sturdy enough to take a reasonable beating and survive, which is important when you’re talking about toddler headphones.

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