Petoneer Breeze Smart Odor Eliminator (AOE010)

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Petoneer Breeze Smart Odor Eliminator (AOE010)
Petoneer distributed by D.LAB Dezign Laboratories
Petoneer Breeze Smart Odor Eliminator is the perfect odor eliminator that freshens the air around; Deodorize, Sterilize without any need for refills.

Purifiying at the source to freshen air for you and the furry family!

Helps you solve the problems effortlessly:
1. Pet owners do not know how to deal with pet odor
2. Mutual infections occur when multiple pets share pet supplies
3. Humans and pets get sick when bateria breed


Ozone keeps deodorizing and sterilizing with fresh air flow through the room.
Say goodbye to the traditional filter element to mask the odor. The active oxygen decomposition process neutralize and decompose odor molecules, inhibit bacterial growth, and keep the air clean and fresh.

Work Automatically with Smart Sense
Infrared (IR) Fresnel Lenses can tell whenever pets enter the premise. The process starts once pets leave

Work Smarter, Work Longer
Smart intermittent mode around the clock for diversified scenarios!

Worry-Free with Built-in Lithium battery
No cords or wiring hassles for AC power. With the built-in long-lasting rechargeable battery of 2200mAh, it can last up to four days on a single charge.

Work with Innovative Ventilation
The three-way ventilation design allows the active oxygen molecules to be released quickly with the airflow, which improves the reach of deodorization.

Powered by Tuya
All of our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled products are powered by TUYA, which means the petoneer devices are compatible with all other TUYA products worldwide using the TuyaSmart app. Our app is natively on the Tuya core protocol and framework to deliver state of the art, reliable, and secure connected experience to you and your loved furry ones. Tuya’s no-code and visualized development help us deliver the customized app on the fly. With its fastest response time to an app or voice control hub, we can concentrate on the UI and UX.

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